Drone Technology Revolutionizing Roofing

//Drone Technology Revolutionizing Roofing

Drone Technology Revolutionizing Roofing

Drone Technology Revolutionizing Roofing


How Flying Robots Are Changing the Roofing Industry

Interview With UAV / Drone Pilot, Alex Evans:

We got a chance to sit down with expert drone pilot, Alex Evans, and discussed the current connection between drone technology and the roofing industry. This interview will cover the background on drones, the journey to becoming a drone pilot, and benefits this advancing technology has on the roofing industry and customers of Texas Certified Roofing.

What Is Drone Technology?

Drones are the common name for unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. They are remotely piloted aircrafts that do not require a human on board. These flying robots can also work autonomously through software and are used in search and rescue, military activities, traffic monitoring, weather monitoring, and firefighting. The roofing industry has joined in the drone revolution in the last couple of years with the technology becoming easier to access. Need more information on drones and UAVs? Learn More »

How Did You Become an Expert Drone Pilot?

I was really interested in getting one for fun when they started marketing drones for non-military personnel. I purchased one and began the journey to learning how to keep it steady and flying it safely. I watched YouTube video tutorials in the beginning. However, I recommend putting in hours of practice. I would say after 35 hours of practice, I felt comfortable flying the drone on a regular basis. The technology comes with instructions and tips, but be ready to commit to hours of practice and knowledge as a certified roofing contractor.

Watch Real Drone Footage Captured by Alex Evans:

What Types of Drones Do You Use?

We use the Bebop “Parrot” and 3D Robotics Solo. The important features to look for are:

  • HD Camera
  • GPA Guidance
  • Stability Controls
  • Auto-Pilot Features
  • Good Customer Reviews
What Are Some of the Benefits to Your Customers?

In the roofing industry, safety is a big concern for both our company and our clients. Drone technology benefits our customers because inspections are done faster, safer, and more cost efficient. We can inspect a property without walking on the roof surface, and reduce the risk of injury or causing further damage. As a result, drone use lowers insurance liability and leaves the structure undisturbed. Once we finish surveying the area using our drone, we examine the data to determine the extent of the roofing damage and provide you with the best suitable option. The additional aerial footage translates in more accurate bids and project scopes.

Where Do You See the Future of Drone Technology Going in Roofing?

The future of drone technology in roofing repair is going to continue to grow and possibly become a standard. Roofers who take advantage of drones will become roofing industry leaders just because they can provide faster and safer services. However, I do predict the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) developing clearer guidelines for industries like roofing.

We recommend staying current with FAA Regulations & Policies.

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